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i went [Nov. 13th, 2004|09:44 am]
Universal Studios Hollywood Lovers
wow i just got back...i had the best time...i saw my old friend sheridon and jeff and jason and curtus and ryan and peter and justin and brian and carol and zac and everyone at waterworld...i am so tired....but i saw jason and sheridon and laurence and i am really happy...i miss sheridon so much. he is the sweetist guy...we went through van helsing like 7 times at the end of the night it was insane, i took this awesome picture with one of the midgets or one of the little guys it was so cool. i am so cold we went to the last waterworld show and i am freezing.....we had lunch with jason it was really cool we had panda and he had some ravoli...i dunno..but i am tired so i am going to go to bed...if you want to call me 661 674 5104