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stories [Nov. 15th, 2004|06:28 pm]
Universal Studios Hollywood Lovers
[mood |amusedhe smelt soooooo good!!!!]
[music |what AM i listening to right now??]

well by popular demand i have to write up my U.S.H. stories of this past time that i went

Leo {Beetlejuice} Storie [1]

Rachel and i were walking out of the subway ready to cross by the univeral sign and i looked to my left and saw this really HOTT guy...sooooooooooooo cute!!! so i sniff and i smell his smell and he smells soooooooooooooooo goooooood...i am like omg you smell good..... so i tell rachel that he smells good and i turn around and his head is down and i think that he is laughing...so we turn and walk and about an hour after we get in the park we see the beetlejuice guy and we start to talk to him and he says you know what is funny?? what we reply and he puts his arms around us and he says...you guys walking out of the subway.. and i yell out "HOLY $H!T" and he stares at me...apprently i am blushing. so we talk and i found out that the guy who smelt really good was him!!! i was going insane...so alllllllll through out the day he would joke at how cute it is that i think that he is cute and smells sooo good!!

i miss him!!

it is like that red zone body spray commercial where it says that scent is the strongest memory tied to memory...that also reminds me of how darren smelt...remember..yummie!!