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story [Nov. 18th, 2004|08:57 pm]
Universal Studios Hollywood Lovers

"Thank You"

As the blade moved across her skin the blood ran out like a red river. She was only 13 and her life was a living hell. Her parrents have been divorced since she was 4 years old. Her dad hated her, she had no friends at school and her mom wanted her out of the house. So she resulted to self mulation as the key to her life. When she would go to her tumbling class everyone would stare at her arms because she had cuts and bruses of all shapes and sizes. She had letters,name and weird symbols. There was just one day where she could say that she was TRULY happy.
There was only one day. She went to a theme park. Universal Studios Hollywood. It may seem weird, yes, but she was truly happy. When she went it was on September 11th. She went by herself for no one wanted to go. When she arrived it was about ten o'clock.
The first thing that she did was go on the new Mummy ride. When she walked around a bit. Walking, waiting, alone without a care. Then she saw him. He was in a green spandex suit. With a brown bag. A big green mask with the eyes cut out. It was her baby. Her Erick. She had loved him from the moment that she saw him. She was in love. He was talking to someone's dad. She went on the side of him and lightly touched his musclar bicept. He turned ever so slightly and looked in the blue eys of his admirror. She smiled and her love wrapped his arms around her. They were togeather finally. She hoped that they would not let go. He wanted to stay where forever. She wanted the same. But eventually they let go and talked. They talked about life and how much she hated it.
He saw the cuts and bruses on her arm and asked what they were for. She told him and he wanted to have lunch with er to lighten her spearits. She agreed and he went off to change and clock out. She walked out of the park and to where her love would come out. She had never seen his face and was slightly scared that it would not "match up to her cryteria." She sat down on a bench and waited. Then she felt someone sit down next to her. She looked over and saw those beautiful green eyes that she loved. She finally saw his face. He had the perfict nose and a slightly chizzled jaw line. To her he was beautiful. He smiled and he had the perfict teeth. So they went to lunch. She had Panda Express and he had the same.
So they found a spot to sit and talked and ate for about an hour. Erick had to go back to be the Green Goblin so they had to start walking twords the employees entrance. About half way Erick put his hand in hers. So they walked to where he had to go in. He turned to her and pecked her on the cheek. Turned and walked in. So once she got back in the park she found him again and took a picture with him. They are standing on a box with Dr. Doom and Magnito. Once they walked around a bit he told her that soon he had to go. So she asked if he wanted to walk around City Walk and he said yes. So he found her and they walked hand-in-hand around it. By the end of the night she felt truly happy. They eventually walked to his car and he told her to get in. It was a small black mustang with a sticker of the Green Goblin on it. They got in and he drove her home. That may be the only time that she could say that she was truly happy.
When she woke up she was in the hospital with white bandages around her wrists. A bit of blood was seeping through. She looked over and saw Erick holding her hand, he smiled and kissed her forehead. She took one last breath and looked at her wrists. They were gushing blood. She looked into the eyes of her loverd and muttered one last phrase, "Thank You." She turned her head and closed her eyes and she felt the life drain out of her. She died with a good memory in her head